Music is Univarsal
ADV Campaign

cc: Universal Music Group, Italy

Idea & Design:
Gabriele Wiedenmann, Davide Armani

Gabriele Wiedenmann

ADV campaign to celebrate the achievements of UMG artists in the top year-end charts of 2022.

The campaign featured an Out-Of-Office initiative, including a prominent billboard in Milan and digital totems throughout the city. Additionally, a compelling digital campaign was executed across various social platforms. 

Overall, this ADV campaign showcased UMG artists' exceptional year-end chart positions and successes, employing a combination of traditional and digital advertising to captivate audiences and reinforce their impact within the music industry.

Billboard & Digital Totems

Digital ADVs

Top Album 2022
Lazza - Sirio

Top Single 2022
Mahmmod & Blanco - Brividi

The digital campaign played a vital role in amplifying the message across various social platforms. This digital campaign allowed us to connect directly with fans, industry professionals, and music enthusiasts, generating excitement and awareness around our artists' successes.

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