Samsung Galaxy Thursday - Ariete Live Performance

Video Production

cc: Universal Music Group, Italy - Bomba Dischi - Samsung

Gabriele Wiedenmann,Manuela Belli
Editing & Post Production:
Gabriele Wiedenmann, Manuela Belli

Production of a series of short videos for Samsung Galaxy Thursday.

Working with the talented emerging artist Ariete, the project aimed to promote the brand and generate awareness for an upcoming Samsung device.

The video assets included a live performance of an unreleased single, a revealing interview with the artist, and visually striking IDs and photos to launch the project. Together, this contents reflected a dynamic and engaging campaign that showcased both Ariete's talent and the innovative offerings of Samsung.


The campaign included a short story interview video for Ariete's highly anticipated album "Specchio." Throughout the interview, I incorporated scenes of Ariete interacting with the Samsung flip-phone, highlighting its distinctive features. This project aimed to enhance the storytelling experience and showcase the artist's connection with the device, bridging the gap between technology and music.

Some shots from the production:

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