Universal Music Group Italy - Social Identity
Visual Identity

cc: Universal Music Group, Italy

Design & Animation:
Gabriele Wiedenmann

Video Production & Editing:
Gabriele Wiedenmann, Davide Armani

Design and Creative Direction of visual social assets for Universal Music Group Italy.

The approach started with developing a visually cohesive framework that aligned seamlessly with the brand's global identity, and it then extended across various adaptations.

The communication strategy encompassed a range of elements, beginning with institutional messaging such as charts, certifications, and new releases. We then transitioned to showcasing UMG products present on the official eCommerce platform with a diverse array of video content. Additionally, I curated content for specific events including live performances, meet & greets, and festivals, ensuring a tailored and engaging experience for the target audience.



Weekly Chart
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2023 Charts
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FIMI Top of the music 2023
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Platinum Certifications
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Golden Award
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Multi-platinum Award
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D2C products showoff:

Product Unboxing 
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Artist signature
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Live & Fan Experiences:

Yungblud - X Tour
Live Recap

Harry Styles - X Showcase
Fan Meet & Greet

Blanco - Innamorato
Release Party

Other Projects: